Club Rules & Grading

1. Times

After a new swimmer has recorded a time, that time becomes this season’s best time and must be used the following week. If the new time is an upgrading time, then the new swimmer is automatically upgraded. Existing members’ grades and best times from previous seasons carry over into the new season.

2.  Membership

 Swimmers MUST be financial members before they participate in the activities of the club.

3.  Entries

 Due to a change in our entry procedures, there will no longer be any online entries for club nights. 

 Entries will be at the pool, on club nights and will be open from 5.50pm to 6.20pm.

 After 6.20pm, entries will be closed and no late entries will be accepted.  If you come after this time, you will still be  able to swim but no points or uprgradings will be acknowledged.


4. Grading Times

  Stroke D to C Grade
C to B Grade
B to A Grade
  Freestyle 25 sec 44 sec 1 min 20 sec
  Backstroke (Back) 27 sec 49 sec 1 min 30 sec
  Breaststroke (Breast) 30 sec 54 sec 1 min 42 sec
  Butterfly (Fly) 29 sec 47 sec 1 min 25 sec
  Individual Medley (IM) N/A 1 min 43 sec
(4 x 25m)
3 min 05 sec
(4 x 50m)


5. Upgrading

Upgrading will occur the first week after the swimmer breaks the time. Points gained in a lower grade will be taken into the higher grade. Swimmers should compete in their allocated grade. Swimming in the wrong grade earns no points. It is the swimmers responsibility to swim in the correct grade. If a swimmer upgrades and feels that the graded distance is beyond their capabilities, then it is not compulsory to swim in the higher grade. A swimmer cannot upgrade in freestyle or form stroke by breaking the corresponding times in any open event.

Upgrading in E grade is not dependant on an upgrading time, rather it is a decision for the swimmer and his / her parents to make on readiness for D grade events. Factors such as a swimmers level of stroke development, confidence and competence in completing 25m of the main pool need to be assessed on an individual basis.

6. Program of Events

E Grade - 15m swim / paddle and 15m kick (swim aids are permitted) - Intermediate Pool
D Grade
- Up to 50m freestyle and 25m form stroke swims (There is no D grade Individual Medley)
C Grade - Up to 100m freestyle, up to 50m form stroke and 100m  Individual Medley
B Grade - Up to 100m freestyle, up to 100m form stroke and 200m  Individual Medley
A grade - Up to 200m freestyle, up to 50m form stroke and 200m  Individual Medley
A & B Grade - Choice of 200m or 400m distance swim in any stroke or IM

7.  Individual Point Score System

Points are calculated from the best “club times” from the current season, until a new time is established as follows:
1 point - did not finish (DNF) or disqualified (DSQ)
2 points - more than 2 sec slower than the best time
3 points - time trial and more than 1 sec and up to 2 sec slower than best time
4 points - up to and including 1 sec slower than best time
5 points - equalling best time and first swim of each stroke after upgrading
6 points - up to and including 1 sec faster than best time
7 points - more than 1 sec and up to 2 sec faster than best time
10 points - more than 2 sec faster than best time

8. Eligibility

To be eligible to compete in club championships, a member must have competed in no less than half the club nights from the commencement of that summer season. Washed out club nights will count as full attendance, provided that the swimmer is a financial member before the washed out night.  To be eligible to receive the annual participation award, a swimmer must compete in no less than half the club nights from the commencement of that summer season. 

Any swimmer who cannot fulfil the requirement of no less than half the club nights due to extenuating circumstances beyond their control (eg, broken limbs), may apply for special consideration in respect to the eligibility requirement. Each application must be made in writing, addressed to the secretary. Each application will be judged by the committee on a case by case basis, with the decision of the committee being final.

Those swimmers who register for competition purposes must complete the required FIVE night swims to be eligible to receive the annual participation award and representative awards.

9. Representative Awards

Representative awards for Area, Country, State (Swimming NSW) and National (Swimming Australia) Championship meets shall be considered by the Committee at the beginning of each season. The nature of these awards shall be determined by the Committee, taking into account the financial position of the Club at that particular time.

10. Annual Awards

The following awards will be presented at the annual presentation day. Our club prides itself on our array of awards and no member goes home empty handed.

Point Score Awards: 
Overall Boy & Overall Girl
Freestyle  – 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Formstroke x 3 – 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Other Awards: 
Age Champions - Boy and Girl in all age groups (grouping 6 & under)
Junior, Intermediate, Senior Champions - Boy and Girl                                                                       Club Championship Records
100% Attendance Certificate
Encouragement Award - Boy & Girl
Participation Awards

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